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The United: Welcome to the Shitshow

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Image of The United: Welcome to the Shitshow

A 228 page deluxe hardback that collects every issue of The United and 79 pages of all news comics material. This psychedelic noir comic combines suspense, horror, satire and political conspiracy with a hard-boiled superhero action adventure.

All order come with a free signed A4 print and a free signed, A5 sketchcard.

International orders come with a free commission to offset the frankly insane shipping costs.

The United: Welcome to the Shitshow has been described as, 'a really ambitious, and layered take on the Brit superhero team, mixing classic capes like Captain Britain, the supernatural undertone of Alan Moore and the ultra-violent modernism of Mark Millar.'
(Alex Thomas, https://pipedreamcomics.co.uk/review-the-united-welcome-to-the-shitshow-cannonhil-comics/)